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Making homes beautiful on every street, in every city, of our country.

It takes hands to build a house and hearts to build a home and we agree with it completely. At WelFurn, when we say that we will help you create your dream home, we mean pouring our hearts in to it. We are not here to provide you pieces of furniture or bombard you with designs to confuse you further. We are here to provide sustainable, practical solutions to your interior problems, to cater to your quirks and dreams within your budget and all that without compromising on the quality.

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At Welfurn, we will not only help you envision your dream home but will enable you to make it a reality from start to finish until you are absolutely satisfied. We know how personal, emotional and exciting the journey could be of creating a beautiful home for your loved ones and we are fully equipped to handle stress, management, sourcing, finishing for you so that you can sit back and enjoy this ride. Our team of experts are skilled and trained to understand your requirements and offer you suitable solutions.We understand that you need that Mixer grinder handy to make that last minute chutney for tiffin sandwich in the morning. We understand that your lil angel loves your cosmetics so to keep it away from her reach you might need your secret vanity compartment with lock. We too love those extra cushions on the bed to give it a cozy romantic feel and understand that you would need drawers in the bed to store those in the night. Guests are visiting and need to turn your living room in a bedroom, our dividers will surely solve the problem. Your mother in law needs a space to do her daily pooja but can't sit for long, we can create a perfect solution.

At WelFurn , our team realizes that the Devil and the God both are in the details and that's where our focus is. The most basic requirement of yours will be catered and smallest detail will have our full attention.

Our collective experience of more than 30 years in the furniture industry and state of the art manufacturing unit will provide desirable and timely execution of your vision. Our Experience Centers in your city will allow you to touch, feel and see what we can offer. The path breaking WelFurn WishBoard technology that we have developed ensures that you get your designs made real fast and instantaneously get the accurate estimates no matter how many times you make alterations. The technology also ensures flawless sourcing and hassle free & transparent fulfillment of your orders. Our team of experts have ensured that your products are packed and delivered with utmost care and priced appropriately. Our focus is more on after sales service than selling itself. We will not promise what we can't deliver however we will keep on improving ourselves to deliver more than you expect from us. We believe in transparency, quality, practicality, affordability and achieving a perfect balance.

Our Values

Our every product is designed to beautifully convert a room into your dream home, bringing the 'Live Beautiful' philosophy to life.


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WelFurn Wish Board

The biggest challenge was absence of a suitable technological solution.

There is technology available but it offers only limited solutions. That is when we conceived Wishboard. Wishboard is technology developed by us in form of a plug in layer of AutoCAD. On one hand it facilitates us with a platform to populate and configure our library. On the other hand it also offers our designers a user friendly environment in which they can just pick and choose the predefined models from our libraries and place them on their designs. Wishboard also handles necessary validations and product relationships. Our designers need not worry about making any mistakes. Along with all that Wishboard also produces manufacturing and sourcing data directly from the design saving us weeks and exponentially reducing possibility of errors.