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Creating 'WoW' homes is what we are passionate about and we leave no stone unturned to ensure that.

We strive to attain high quality standards for every single product of ours from manufacturing to final assembly. This isn't just about making it look good. It's about having the quality assurance systems in place for manufacturing process to achieve control and knowledge of our operations. Every step we take is to achieve a perfect balance between aesthetic and functionality.

WelFurn Bangalore

We want to offer you the best solution within your budget and specifications and on time. We spend time to select the right material, apply latest design techniques, work with WelFurn WishBoard technology for accurate pricing and advanced manufacturing process to ensure a long lastingand beautiful finished product. We follow stringent quality control process at every stage of the manufacturing process.

We have an in house manufacturing facility, to provide you with vast choices in material, colors and finishes.

With WelFurn WOW, you not only get the surety of beautiful, wellmade and accurately priced product but also accountability on our end for any delays in delivery. With us you get assurance of 21 days delivery and if we fail to do so we assure you of penalizing ourselves @ INR 1000 per day. That means if we delay the delivery by seven days you will get paid INR 7000 on account of delay. However this lead time does not include the time taken for installation as it will change depending on the quantity and extent of work. To top it, we also offer 5 years warranty on most of our supplies.

Experience wow with welfurn

Perfection and quality at every step

From space design to planning, material selection to on-site execution, delivery to installation - our proficient experts and world-class brand tie-ups help you achieve your home goals.


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